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~Authentic, effective Psychotherapy for women, adults, teens and couples~


Hello and welcome.  I'm Dr. Katie Barnes, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY26046) practicing in Orange County and Los Angeles, California.  We are ALL human.  We have unique struggles.  We experience anxiety, fear, depression, relationship issues, addictions or difficult transitions in life.  Sometimes we need help more than others, but I believe no one is forever "sick" or "stuck" beyond repair.  I also believe nearly everyone can benefit from good, individualized therapy.   


I consider it an honor to be a trusted source of support and guidance in the lives of each of my patients, whether it be short-term solution-focused treatment or longer-term depth work.  That being said, please use this site to get an idea if you and I (or your loved one and I) might be a good "fit" and work well together, as therapy works best when we feel a safe, trusting connection with our therapist.  

Please feel free to browse or read my articles and blog, and please contact me for any question at all, or for a free phone consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you!        

                                                                                                                                                                -Dr. Katie Barnes 

You're likely ready  for


If you are reading this page, then you've taken the first steps to taking back control of your emotional life.  Good for you, as you are likely ready to get honest with yourself and make a change.  It is my role to join with you as your equal, to assist, witness and guide you with a compassionate and fully-engaged effort.   


There is NO room for being shocked or judging in therapy.  I welcome people from just about every walk of life, however I have extensive experience in treating the following areas:  


Anxiety, anxious depression, relationship communication/healing issues, past traumas, past sexual abuse, self-esteem / identity issues, body image / food addictions, addiction recovery, performance or social anxiety, LGBT sexuality or identity issues, college and graduate students, young professionals and those in the creative and performing arts professions.   

What to


Psychotherapy is a collaborative process that begins by exploring the issues you bring to therapy in a safe and open environment.


Together, we will work toward strengthening your inner emotional resources and your ability to make more satisfying life choices for a greater sense of peace and wholeness.


In our first few sessions we will balance a clinical "interview" with adressing the reasons you are here.  My goal is to help give you practical tools early on so you can begin to feel relief as soon as possible.    


 Studies suggest that the strength of the therapeutic relationship is the factor most correlated with a successful "treatment outcome."  This is why it is so important to find a therapist you feel you can trust and connect with.

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can benefit

from Therapy...




We will focus on enhancing your mental WELLNESS.  As a therapist I reach to uncover  people's strengths and inner resources in addition to using a relational / modern "psychodynamic" approach.  This approach can work for achieving self growth and transformation, improving your quality of life, excelling professionally or academically, in-depth exploration of the self, or creating a deeper awareness into behaviors and emotions. 

A little about

My approach...


As each person is unique, so is each therapy.  I tailor interventions to patients' individual needs, wants and presenting problems.  One person might require a Cognitive-Behavioral approach dealing with current behavioral issues while another requires psychodynamic interventions focusing on inner processes and "making the unconscious conscious."  Several techniques are used in this "eclectic" yet focused style.


Ultimately, the goal is to create new and deeper awareness into your behavior, which should lead to lasting, positive change.   



Former Patient Testimonials:


Because she doesn't judge me, I've learned to stop judging myself and overthinking my decisions.  She pushes me to be my authentic self.   I actually have referred several of my own friends to her.   


(Former Patient)




When I came in I was at an all-time low and having suicidal thoughts.  You've helped me tremendously.  I feel normal again and hey, I even have some happy days.  :)  Thank you for all you've done for me.


(Former Patient)

I would come in (almost) once a week, and Dr. B. would give me my metaphorical "chill pill."  I would definitely leave her office calmer and more focused.  It was great to have therapy to go to at the end of a hectic week and eventually conquer my treatment goals.


(Former patient)





Katie is an extremely thoughtful, engaged, empathic and highly skilled therapist.  I am very pleased to be her mentor and have her as part of my practice.



We were incredibly lucky to have found Katie.  She helped give us the skills to get our marriage back on track.  I can honestly say my husband and I have never communicated better than we are today.  





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